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Error while creating a currency converter (Python)

Hi guys, so I am new and self thought in Python and I was trying to create a currency converter. At first it worked OK but then I tried to make it so it has the option to make another conversion after the first one and I keep getting an error and I don't understand why, can somebody help please? Here is the code:
## Taking inputs ##

def inputs():
first_input = input(" Welcome, please select the currency you want to convert from: \n press 'd' for dollar \n press 'l' for lei \n press 'e' for euro \n")
second_input = input("Following the same pattern as before, please select the currency you want to convert to:")
suma = int(input("Please type the ammount"))
return first_input
return second_input
return suma

## Exchange Rate ##

eurolei = 4.8
dollarlei = 4.4
leieuro = 0.21
leidollar = 0.23
eurodollar = 1.10
dollareuro = 0.91

## Getting the result ##

def result():
result =[]
if first_input == 'e' and second_input == 'l':
result = int(suma) * eurolei
elif first_input == 'd' and second_input == 'l':
result = int(suma) * dollarlei
elif first_input == 'l' and second_input == 'e':
result = int(suma) * leieuro
elif first_input == 'l' and second_input == 'd':
result = int(suma) * leidollar
elif first_input == 'e' and second_input == 'd':
result = int(suma) * eurodollar
elif first_input == 'd' and second_input == 'e':
result = int(suma) * dollareuro
print ("Error")
print (f'result = {result}')

## Make it repeat after the first resutl ##

def program():
playing = True
while playing == True :
continuare = input("Go again? 'y' or 'n'")
if continuare.lower()[0] == 'n':
playing == False
playing == True

NameError: name 'first_input' is not defined (line 17: if first_input == 'e' and second_input == 'l':

I could have made it easier, but I wanted to make it this way because later I plan on finding a way to grab the currency exchanges rates live straight from a forex web page and I though that this way would be the best.
I know that this is pretty easy but I'm new to this and any help would be great. Thanks!
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